4 Fantastic Spots to SUP in Russia

In Spotlight by Daniel

You read the title correctly. 

There is SUP in Russia.

Is it that difficult to believe? It shouldn’t be. Because for anyone who has been paying attention to the sport, this isn’t news. 

Over the last few years, Russia has actually become quite a hotbed for SUP with proof of consistent growth.

And that’s great news! 

For our fellow Russian brothers and sisters. As well as for the entire SUP community! 

It opens up possibilities for citizens in Europe and around the world to search, explore, and now discover some fantastic new areas to paddle! 

But maybe you’re thinking it’s a bit intimidating. Or you’re not sure of who to contact or where to go. 

This is where the team at Perfect Paddles smiles. We got you. 

We are, after all, the number one authority on paddling places around the world!

And after you’re done reading this article, you will have fresh eyes set on Russia, and a list of places to contact to get your trip started.

Russia SUP Center (Moscow)

The first name on our list happens to be most likely the best place to start your search.

The Russia SUP Center located in Moscow has been a growing business in the area since 2015. And they’re a major resource for paddlers.

They have multiple locations around the city including,  Serebryany Bor (Park and island - 3 routes), Krasnogorsk (Rublevo Park, VIP zone, wake, 2 routes), Istra reservoir (village Trusovo, 5 routes), Serebryany Bor (Zhivopisny Most, opening July 1), Zvenigorod (Chistaya river). 

If that doesn’t mean much to you, then you’re probably not familiar with Russia. Or with Moscow. 

And that’s okay! Just know that each location is more beautiful than the next, each offers different views for what you’re interested in, and Russia SUP Center runs three to seven lessons a day at these various locations. 

They’ll also help you find your way around the city, making sure you see all the important spots. 

For a great place to learn how to SUP and gain local knowledge of the city, Russia SUP Center is the place to go! 

SUP Surfing Russia (Moscow)

Don’t be fooled by the name…

There isn’t much surfing to do around Moscow. But there certainly is plenty of paddling! And at SUP Surfing Russia, you’re guaranteed to have one of the best tours in the rivers surrounding the city. 

The team at SUP Surfing Russia provides visitors with a few choices of tours, beginner lessons, and even a chance to score some great deals on a board! 

Their tours include light paddles along the Oka River, the Severka River, and the Osetr River. The choice is yours! 

Each location is unique unto itself and a little research on the tours here or a quick google search of images and you’ll be able to make an informed decision. 

Just know, with SUP Surfing Russia, you’re in great hands and will be expertly guided down whichever river you choose, having a great time in the process. 

SUP Club Russia (Moscow)

If you’re in Russia and want to paddle, be sure to join the club!

And by join the club we really mean check out one of the best outfitters and retail stores in Moscow!

Why are they one of the best? Simple really: choice. 

SCR offers some of the best paddleboards on the market for sale which includes their full line of Red Paddle Co. 

So, if you’re in the market for a top of the line board, head there! 

On top of that, they also offer some of the best paddling options in the area as well. When you spend an afternoon here, you have a choice to participate in group tours, guided tours on Forest Lake, even SUP workouts where instructors will up your fitness and teach you the intricacies of paddling on the water! 

It’s a blast! 

To experience what it feels like to be a part of a SUP club, we suggest you head here.

Black Sea Kayak (Balaklava)

Our final spot takes us outside of the Moscow region and into Balaklava.

Get ready to experience what it’s like to paddle in the Black Sea region either by Bic SUP or on a kayak! 

Either way is fine with us, though we are admittedly biased towards SUP. 

The team at Perfect Paddles highly recommends checking out their fantastic SUP rental deals if you are experienced. But if you are not, be sure to let one of their highly qualified instructors knows before you head out. They will provide a complete lesson so that you feel comfortable standing and paddling before heading onto the water. 

And given their location, we believe this is a must-see if it is convenient for you to get there. We realize Russia is a pretty large country so if it’s too far away for your travel plans, then there is still plenty to do in Moscow! 


Russia might be the biggest kept secret in the SUP industry in 2020. By biggest, we mean the country is huge! Oh and it’s also not the first place people think of when they’re looking for a brand-new spot to paddle. 

But you should!

As each year passes, more and more outfitters are beginning to pop up across the country. This is great news because Russia is home to some of the most beautiful pieces of land and cities in the world. 

Combine that with the chance to experience them from the water and you have the makings of some fantastic adventures on a SUP!