4 Fun Places to SUP in Sweden

In Spotlight by Daniel

4 Fun Places to SUP in Sweden

If Sweden isn’t in your travel plans for the summer of 2021, then you might want to reconsider. 

Go for the food, the architecture, the people, the culture, and the beauty of the natural world that surrounds their burgeoning cities. 

And go, of course, for the opportunity to SUP in a new location. 

Sweden is known for its long winding rivers, harsh coast, and glorious mountains. 

Most people travel there to hike, take pictures, eat in the city, and move on. That’s not what we’re there to do. 

We are there to adventure. To dive into the natural world of Sweden, experience it all first hand, and come out a changed person.

To do that, you must immerse yourself in the surroundings. And an effective way to do so is on a SUP!

These are four great places to paddle while you are in Sweden. Let’s begin!

Kitekalle (Varberg)

The first outfitter on our list is a place called Kitekalle in Varberg. 

If you need an outfitter in Sweden that does it all, we suggest Kitekalle. They have beginner lessons, rentals, SUP yoga, SUP with your pup, and adventures. 

And if we had to recommend one activity to participate in while visiting Kitekalle, it would be the adventures. 

They describe them on their website, “Our paddle tour begins in the part that was dug in the 19th century to drain the surrounding agricultural land. After a while of paddling, you go in among the high swaying reeds and under the shady trees. Himleån is the narrowest river we paddle in, which means that you are sometimes in the middle of the Halland jungle. If you are quiet, you can see foxes, deer, and pheasants along the banks of the river. Paddle, enjoy, and experience nature in a new, exciting way.”

It’s total Swedish immersion. And to have the opportunity to experience it on a SUP is even better! 

Visit Kitekalle for all of your SUP needs. Search them out for their adventures!

What-SUPMalmö (Malmö)

Next up! A place called What-SUP Malmö

What makes this place a must-visit is their location! Malmö is a coastal city located in southern Sweden. It is home to some gorgeous beach views, packed marinas, and calm bay waters for boats, kayaks, and paddleboards. 

If you happen to new to the sport, What-SUP has excellent beginner classes that will get you comfortable on the water and paddling with confidence. 

But the reason why they make our list happens to be our favorite way to end the day. 

Sign up for their sunset tour and you and your group will be guided out into the bay where you will peacefully watch the sunset right on the water. It’s a fantastic experience. 

Not sold? Let What-SUP convince you in their own words, “Let yourself experience true bliss with a SUP-guide! You will slowly paddle to the picturesque harbor of Västra Hamnen and experience the breathtaking sunset on your SUP-board in the ocean, overview the stunning bridge of Öresund.”

Don’t miss out! Contact What-SUP today!

Åre Nature Adventures (Åre)

Don’t be confused by the name! That’s not improper English my friends. It’s the Åre is the location of a town in Sweden and home to this fantastic SUP outfitter Åre Nature Adventures.

As their name suggests, this outfitter is a fantastic spot to immerse yourself in the natural world of Sweden away from large cities.

Besides offering tourists great rental deals on Lake Åresjön, we recommend checking out their summer or winter tours on land. 

We know what you’re thinking…

“You’re recommending a tour that doesn’t involve SUP?”

Yes. But that’s only because of how fantastic the other tours are! Here’s a sneak peek…

Take a Floating Sauna on Åresjön (yes, that’s right, a floating sauna!), a sunset canoe experience, a moose safari, a guided fishing trip, and more!

Of course, we always wish to see you hop on a SUP at all possible times. But for plenty of interesting options, we cannot recommend Åre Nature Adventures enough!

Koster Adventures (Kyrkosund)

Our last stop in Sweden is at Koster Adventures in the town of Kyrkosund sitting on one of the small Koster Islands off the coast of Sweden! 

As their name implies, they also offer options outside of the SUP realm such as kayak, bike riding, camping, and surfing. 

Which is great! Options are always appreciated. 

But to enjoy the area of Kyrkosund completely, standing on a SUP and paddling the ocean off the tiny island is the best way to go! 

Participants will receive a basic technique guideline on how to properly SUP before hitting the water. Once there, you can take your time paddling off the coast, or go for an adventure! Just be sure to be back in the allotted time so they don’t have to send a rescue team out to you! 

For a great time at an affordable price, we recommend Koster Adventures.


If you were thinking about a trip to Sweden in the near future, do yourself a favor and stop thinking. 

Instead, go ahead and book it! 

Besides the obvious reasons for seeing a beautiful country, experiencing a new culture, and seeing the beauty of the natural world on this part of the Earth, we have never regretted traveling to a new place, ever.

In these times, we have come to understand how much travel is a privilege and not one to be taken for granted. 

So, while we await the end to these strange times, start turning your planning into action. And get out there! 

There are wonders waiting around every corner.