4 Great Places to SUP in Norway

In Spotlight by Daniel

If we were to describe Norway in a phrase it would have to be, “beautiful cold nordic landscape.” 

Notice anything about that line?

If you’re interested in SUP, you probably picked up on the word ‘cold’ right away. 

Not many people are interested in standing atop a SUP board when the temperatures reach below what you would experience on a nice spring day. 

And yes, it’s true, Norway is mostly known for sweeping mountain ranges, snow-filled forests, and abundant wildlife. But even the coldest regions have spring and summer. 

It’s during this phase of the Earth cycle, Norway shines in its glorious beauty in a whole new way. Flowers open, grass grows, and the rivers and lakes thaw out. And that is when our fellow SUP enthusiasts make their way onto the water. 

In the winter, Norway is beautiful, but during the short warmer months, it is almost breathtaking. 

So, if you’re a traveling SUP enthusiast and you are searching for a unique place for a brand-new experience, we recommend Norway... 

And these top four places to visit! 

SUP Norway

Our first stop is a place with a very straight-forward name, SUP Norway located in Larkollen.

If you want the best of the best in Norway for SUP, we cannot recommend SUP Norway enough. 

They offer a few trips to participate in to get into the wildlife that surrounds Norway and experience first-hand what makes this country so special. 

These excursions can take place in Geirangerfjorden, Nordfjord & Loen, or Aurlandsfjord & Nærøyfjord. 

That might not mean anything to you, we realize that. To understand what each trip entails head HERE

But as a general overview, we will give a few details on Geirangerfjorden (good luck trying to pronounce that). 

SUP Norway says on their website, “The deep blue UNESCO protected Geirangerfjord is surrounded by majestic, snow-covered mountain peaks, precarious cliffside farmhouses and lush, green vegetation. Waterfalls such as the famous ‘seven sisters’, dwarf the world’s largest passenger ships. Mere words and pictures just don’t do it justice, but luckily Stand up paddling it absolutely does.”

And if words are not enough, then take a look at the picture below. 

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Contact SUP Norway today and get out there! 

Frafjord SUP and Kayak (Frafjord)

Our next location is in the secluded area of Frafjord. 

If you happen to be in the area or just visiting and want to hop on a SUP for a short period of time or wish to take one out on your own for the day without joining an excursion or a beginner lesson, then you can grab a couple of boards to rent!

But to get a real feel for the area, we recommend an excursion with one of their qualified instructors. 

Join a guided tour with a group of your own or join one that is already underway. Instructors will take you to secret and secluded spots within the fjords where you will be able to paddle near the steep mountain cliffs and empty beaches. 

It’s a total immersion experience. And one not to be passed up. 

To check out their Perfect Paddles page and start planning your trip, click HERE. 

Adventure Tours Norway (Skjolden)

Our next spot provides the best of both worlds as well. If you would like a simple rental for a private time on the water they have you covered. If you want one of the best adventure tours available in Norway...they have you covered there as well. 

Besides the obvious SUP tour, Adventure Tours Norway provides excellent trips that involve boat adventures, biking, hiking, and fishing. 

But we know why you’re here. The real reason is SUP!

And though we may be biased, we also believe it is the best way to see the country in a unique and fun way! 

To get a glimpse of what you can expect, they write on their website about their tours, “While paddling the beautiful Lustrafjord you are surrounded by steep mountains and an emerald green fjord. If we are lucky, curious porpoises and fjord seals come by to follow our SUP-adventure. Coming close up to waterfalls and high mountain cliffs, we have the option to hit land and sit down to relax and enjoy the scenery.”

I’m not sure how you’re feeling right about now, but we are ready to get out there! Learn more about what they can offer by visiting their Perfect Paddles page HERE.

SUP and Soul (Kristiansand)

Our last stop may be a bit confusing if you have been following Perfect Paddles for a while. For regular visitors, they may recognize SUP and Soul as an excellent outfitter with a location in the United Kingdom. 

And it’s true, that is the location of their home base. 

But we just had to include them on our list.

Why? Because of their excellent Norwegian getaway that includes five nights immersed in the beauty of the country. 

To get a glimpse into what you can expect, they write on their website, “We’ll be staying in a beautiful beach house, with traditional Scandinavian wood and whitewash finish lovingly named Stilla – The Quiet Place. Stilla is nestled among a traditional Norwegian pine woodland and looks out over the archipelago of southern Norway.”

On top of that, you will be gifted with home-cooked meals, top coaches giving you tips on SUP, additional activities, and alone time to relax. 

It’s an excellent way to infuse SUP into an already excellent vacation. To find out more head HERE.


Don’t be fooled by the frigid temperatures often found in Norway. It is a regular paddling paradise when visited at the correct time of year. 

The shores are lined with glowing mountains, abundant wildlife, and active SUP outfitters waiting anxiously to take you on an adventure of a lifetime. 

When you set your sights on a new location for your next SUP adventure, we suggest looking a few miles north. You won’t regret it!