4 Shops to Consider for SUP Surfing in the Seattle Area

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4 Shops to Consider for SUP Surfing in the Seattle Area

The great Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most stunning scenery available in the continental United States.

The glowing green and crystal-clear waters shimmer across a rugged landscape of trees and mountains.

What everyone notices their first time visiting the shores are its wonderful pine smells and fresh air. After just one visit, most are totally entranced by its beauty.

With the glowing greens comes the thundering sounds of the nearby ocean along the coast.

And with the ocean comes the ability for local SUP enthusiasts as well as newbies alike, to surf!

Unlike most other surfing locations, filled with tropical air, plentiful fruits, parrots, and coconuts, surfing the northwest is a more rugged experience, surrounded by the deep forest pine trees and snow-capped mountains.

It is an experience most unforgettable.

But what if you have never surfed before or are looking for a shop to provide you with a rental for your adventure?

Well, we have you covered.

These are the Perfect Paddles 4 Shop to Consider for SUP Surfing in the Seattle Area. Follow us, we will point you in the right direction!

Salmon Bay Paddle (Seattle)

First up is a company called Salmon Bay Paddle out of Seattle, Washington.

Salmon Bay makes it onto our list due to their extensive lessons offered about surfing. Most shops and outfitters will offer either an advanced class where they allow those who have a background in surfing to get on the ocean and refine their skills. Or a beginner lesson where instructors will take a novice paddler onto some small waves and get them to ride it to shore.

Both of course are great options.

But Salmon Bay goes one step farther.

Their beginner class is called SUP Surf Seattle on Freighter Waves. Which means, basically, a participant and an instructor will make their way onto the water where they will be able to surf the gentle waves created by a passing freighter.

Located about 100 miles from the ocean, beginners will be able to easily learn the basics on these friendly waves while experienced paddlers will learn new skills and how to surf in downwind conditions. This class is a great opportunity for both ends of the spectrum to refine their skills and progress farther in the sports.

From there, Salmon Bay also offer a SUP Surf Camp. Spanning three days, participants will start by honing their flat-water paddling skills, understanding the basics, before heading into the waves on the following two days.

Everything is geared to the pace of the student, understanding their skillset and growing the necessary technique to make them successful. If you are a beginner and want to learn all there is to know about SUP surfing, this camp is the right choice for you.

Lastly, their straight SUP Surfing class will arm you with the essential skills to become a confident and safe surfer wherever you hail from. As they say on their site, “Learn SUP surfing with essential skills to become a confident and safe surfer in the Pacific Northwest. You’ll learn on small easy waves at one of two scenic coastal locations. You will catch waves your first day! At the end of this class you’ll be able to choose gear, paddle out, surf waves, turn, fall safely and be a SUP ambassador in the surf zone.”

These classes are available all year as well. So, you have no excuse not to join one and get on the water!

And the best part? They offer discount through our Buddy Deal here, so you definitely have no more excuses! We will see you out there.

Surf Ballard (Seattle)

Next up, is a shop called Surf Ballard out of Seattle.

They are a complete Surf and SUP shop, providing you with exceptional service, recommendations, tips, and gear to get you on the water with a big smile on your face. Visitors can expect first-rate gear to rent for the day, providing you with the best in the business to make your first time on the water something to remember.

And although they do not have the specialty in regard to lessons of our previous shop, what they do have, and what they do exceptionally well, is run a Surf Camp where participants are guided through the mechanics of how to surf, etiquette, wave reading, and more, to make them successful in the pursuit of an adrenaline pumping ride.

Limited to prone surfing, this camp has four lessons in three days, covering all there is to know about surf!

One time through the program and almost all participants end up successfully standing on a wave. And even if you don’t, the knowledge you acquire over these three days will provide the necessary path to do so in the future.

Perfect Paddles recommends giving Surf Ballard a shout if you are looking to snag a few tasty waves in the Seattle area!

Urban Surf (Seattle)

Our third shop on the list a place called Urban Surf, also in Seattle.

What this shop lacks in lessons they more than make up for in gear, gear, and more gear!

If you happen to be in Seattle visiting, or just recently moved there, we recommend heading to Urban Surf to pick up boards, paddles, leashes and everything else in-between.

While we may not necessarily be speaking towards beginners at this point in the SUP surfing game, we are though, talking to the experienced paddler looking to upgrade their gear or replenish an old quiver.

Their boards include all the major brands- Red, Starboard, Jeff Clark, Fanatic, and NSP. They also carry a wide-range of sizes and shapes to fit every surfer’s need.

Urban Surf is high on our must-visit list for their recommendations and inventory. Replenish your stock and get out on some waves!

Norm Hann Expeditions (British Columbia)

Last, but certainly not least, is an absolute staple for us here at Perfect Paddles- Norm Hann Expeditions.

This company offers absolute first-class expeditions on paddle boards ranging from wildlife excursions, river paddles, and even surf.

Their surfing course is called Tofino Paddle Surf Weekend. The course is for people who already have cursory knowledge of SUP and have successfully paddled a board. If you are one of those people, then you have to sign up!

Over the course of three days you will be taught by first-class experts on SUP including Mike Darbyshire, Catherine Bruhwilder, and Norm Hann himself! (If those names don’t mean anything to you, after spending a weekend with them, they surely will!!)

For more information, let’s take a look and see what their site says: “Enjoy the magic of Tofino and the west coast on our fun and friendly paddle surf weekend. Our weekend is designed to introduce paddlers to the ocean environment with the goal of catching your first wave or improving on your existing surf skill set. Clients will take part in dry land and on water teaching sessions that focus on safety, etiquette, paddling technique, decision making, weather and catching your first ride or improving on your existing paddle surf skill set. Our surf instructors provide technical coaching that will steepen your learning curve and keep you safe in the ocean environment.”

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Well, it is.

Which only means you need to sign up today. Right now. Go.

Do it!

We can already see your smiles from the beach.


Seattle has quite a few attractions for the visitor and resident of the area.

Most of those just happen to take place outside.

But for good reason.

The absolute, pure beauty of the Pacific Northwest is not to be missed. As we said earlier, most visitors are absolutely transfixed by the immense green, the vivid blues, and the clear waters running through the dense forests.

But follow these rivers long enough and you reach the coast. And that is where you will spot us. In the surf lineup catching some fun lines and sharing smiles.

And with these recommendations, we hope to see you out there as well!