5 Fantastic Spots for SUP in Morocco

In Spotlight by Daniel

5 Fantastic Spots for SUP in Morocco

Across the globe, there are places lying in wait to discover. Beautiful places with warm sandy beaches, distinct cultures, friendly people, and a chance to experience beach life on a SUP. 

Most names we’ve heard before. Costa Rica, Hawaii, Bali, New Zealand. These are all fantastic spots to hop on a place and travel to. 

But there are other places. Locations where we may have heard about one time or another but decided to instead take the familiar route. 

My friends, it’s time to change that attitude.

It’s time to look past the familiar and seek new challenges. New locations. And make new friends. 

One such place to do just that is in the northern African country of Morocco. 

But before you go, be sure to check these five outfitters out. That way, you have a roadmap towards successfully experiencing the time of your life somewhere new. 

Just as long as you come back a changed person, revealing stories of passion and fun to all of your friends and family. 

This is a Perfect Paddles list of five great places to SUP in Morocco. Let’s go!

Dancing the Waves (Tafedna Bay)

Located in the beautiful and almost empty bay of Tafedna, Dancing the Waves is our first outfitter to check out on the Moroccan coast. 

They offer visitors a chance to participate in kitesurfing, yoga, and SUP adventures in pristine surroundings, led by experienced teachers in all three options. 

They write on their website, “Dancing the Waves offers unique surf, kitesurf, stand up paddle and yoga holidays in the most beautiful bay of Tafedna, 50 km south of Essaouira. Enjoy the long sandy beach offering deserted surf spots with beach and point breaks and the big wave for the pro’s, all in unspoiled nature off the beaten track.”

They continue, “Stay at our beautiful Villa Aljana overlooking the Atlantic and the argan hills, savor freshly prepared Moroccan dishes, and enjoy a stay with comfort in a cozy environment. 

With our customized packages, you can have it all and much more; bikes at your disposal to check out the area, day trip to unknown surf spots, skateboarding in the skate bowl to improve your stance, hiking, fishing, and savoring delicious healthy Moroccan cuisine.”

We can’t possibly say anything more about Dancing the Waves that they already haven’t said. To stay at their wonderful spot be sure to check out their page on Perfect Paddles here. 

Mirage Surf (Tamraght)

Mirage Surf in Tamraght is our next stop. 

If you are a natural-born surfer and want to up your game or if you are a beginner who wants to explore what the ocean has to offer, Mirage Surf is the place to go. 

While not necessarily a SUP specialist (they offer some SUP rentals and resources of places to go for SUP) we wanted to include Mirage Surf on our list due to its excellent location, first-class service, and a package of adventures which are great to add to your SUP journey. 

Once off the water, visitors can choose from a variety of extra travel fun by peering through their list of adventures. 

These can include horse and camel riding, massage, trips to local authentic Moroccan villages, cooking lessons, and even a trek into the Sahara Desert. 

Add a little spice to your SUP adventure by visiting Mirage Surf. You won’t regret it!

Agadir SUP Center (Agadir)

If your heart is set solely on experiencing SUP in Morocco, then Agadir SUP Center might be the best place for you to go. 

They deal solely with SUP adventures and outings. That means we can confidently call them among the experts in Morocco on the sport.

A quick glance at their website will reveal this to be true. They offer personalized coaching sessions where they take patrons onto flat water for starters and if you’re feeling confident, into some manageable waves for a fun time in the ocean. 

And for those who possess a call of the wild, choose the SUP Trip option and you are guided through the coast to secret spots in a 4x4 SUV with boards strapped to the top. 

It’s an exciting adventure for sure! And we know with Agadir SUP Center, you’ll be in great hands. 

Moga Surf (Essaouira)

Moga Surf, located in Essaouira, brings back the options for travelers who love SUP but might also want to try something else as well. 

Along with paddling, they offer visitors the chance to learn how to surf a prone board, and kitesurf! 

Moga Surf has been around for 16 years! Their tried and true system of teaching these three sports has led to highly satisfied customers and repeat visitors unmatched by any other outfitter in the area. 

And a testament to the duration of how long they’ve been open. 

For the experienced flat water paddler, we suggest heading to Moga Surf if you are wanting to get your SUP into some waves! 

Their expert instructors will guide you in the blue waters of the ocean, and can almost guarantee you’ll be standing on a wave by the time you are ready to come out.  

Bleu Kite Surf School (Essaouira)

Our last, but certainly not least, spot on the list is Bleu Kite Surf School in Essaouira. 

Truth be told, Bleu Kite specializes in kitesurfing lessons and rentals as well as surfing lessons. If you are an avid member of those communities, we have to recommend Bleu Kite as the place to go. 

If you are into SUP and have never been on a board before, are not experienced, and need that extra instructor on the water looking after you, we recommend contacting a few of the aforementioned outfitters on the list. 

Why did we decide to include Bleu Kite then? Easy. If you are experienced in SUP and want to find a convenient place just to rent a couple of boards without the hassle of a lesson or long talks on technique then Bleu Kite is your place! 

For a fun time on the water, being your own guide, we recommend Bleu Kite located in Essaouira.


Perfect Paddles is a team dedicated to finding the best spots to paddle around the world. And while we have done a fairly decent job at doing just that, there are still places on the map we find need to be explored. 

Consider Morocco one of those places. 

The pristine beaches, unique city structures, rich history, and tasty food make for one of the most memorable places to visit on your next SUP adventure. 

It is our hope that this shortlist will point you in the right direction towards your next adventure, and be used as a jumping-off point for your planning. We will see you out there!