5 Great Outfitters in Australia for SUP Yoga

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5 Great Outfitters in Australia for SUP Yoga

Australia is home to some of the best spots to paddle in the world. 

Their varied wildlife, crystal clear water, and breathtaking coastline make for a fantastic time on the water. 

But maybe you’re more of the introverted type. Or just want to relax and rejuvenate your body. 

The outfitters in Australia have options for everyone. And the best part is, you’ll still be paddling along that magical coastline. 

To take in the sights while having a fantastic time flowing through a yoga sequence, be sure to contact these five outfitters for all of your SUP yoga needs, worries, and questions. 

Let’s get out there!

WSUP (Victoria)

The first outfitter on our list is WSUP located in Victoria. 

What makes WSUP worth a stop is its ability to make you comfortable on a board almost instantly. And their wonderful offerings of beginner lessons, rentals, excursions, and of course yoga.

Their classes are broken into three easy to understand parts:

-Movement & Mobility (on land)

-SUP familiarisation

-Explore and work through Yoga postures on the SUP

This system has allowed WSUP to suit each class to every participant, no matter their age or experience level. 

The difficulty of standing atop a SUP while practicing yoga is tackled together as a team.

And as a team, the joy of completing the class is celebrated together too.

Precious Beath SUP Yoga (Matilda Bay Reserve)

If you plan on attending a class with Precious Breath, expect to experience some of the highest levels of SUP yoga on the coast. 

The instructors at this outfitter are experienced yogis, who have taught numerous classes to a variety of students, specialize in guiding classes through sequences that fit their very needs. 

In addition, they also offer meditation classes as well as on-land yoga classes. 

But where they shine is in their SUP yoga offerings:

Our water-based classes aim to inspire and playfully guide you on a journey back home to yourself.

Expect to shift your perspective of your life and what you may think you can and can't do yet.

Allow our experienced and passionate teaching team to lead you through accessible movement patterns to help you align with your own unique balance, once you feel it for yourself, you'll be invited to move the water moves; fluid, smoothly and in rhythm with the cycles of the earth.”

For some that may seem a bit too advanced. But don’t be shy! Their team will successfully guide you to where you need to be on the board and in your body. We cannot recommend this outfitter enough. 

flow mOcean (Manly NSW) 

When you go to flow mOcean in Manly, expect to be awed by their excellent location for practicing yoga. 

The classes are anchored along the bay in the aquamarine shallows off the coast with a fantastic view of the shore. 

Once you make it to your spot, indulge in a few relaxing yoga poses while your instructor warms you up for a balance pose, and a possible fall into the water! 

It’s fun! And completely normal. 

Or as they write on their website, “flow mOcean is a celebration of nature, yoga, conscious movement and the ability to take life a little less seriously.”

That means they splash a little fun into their search for zen. So, remember to smile once you make it to their spot! 

Kite West Watersports and Tours (Geraldton WA)

We’re pretty excited about this next stop. 

While they offer rentals and lessons, where Kite West stands apart from the other outfitters is in their retreat. 

Picture this: You’re sitting atop a SUP board, the sun is shining, on the coast, you see sandy beaches, palm trees, green mountains, and tropical wildlife. In the distance, you can smell the remnants of small campfires, the chatter of fruit carts selling their goods, and while all this is happening, you are finishing up your yoga flow and meditation. You happen to be doing all of this and you’re in Bali. 

Is that enough to get you excited? This is what they say on their website, “Combine Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga for a perfect mix of ocean activities and relaxation. Practice Yoga at sunrise in a breathtaking location on the beach or poolside at your villa. Try your hand at Stand Up Paddle Yoga in the warm waters of Sanur’s glassy calm lagoon. Our fully qualified and experienced instructors will give you the attention you deserve. A perfect blend of Pranayama, Meditation, indulgent spa massages, and healthy organic food to restore, revive, and feel amazing.”

There are massages too?! Dang, we missed that part the first time around. To get in on their next retreat, be sure to reach out to Kite West Watersports and Tours!

Pure Aloha Yoga (Burleigh Heights, QLD)

Pure Aloha Yoga absolutely shines in its vast array of SUP yoga offerings. If you are looking for possibly the best place to venture into SUP yoga if you are new or to expand your practice if you want to reach that next level, Pure Aloha Yoga might be the best place to go. 

What do we mean by vast array? Check it out…

They offer: SUP yoga, SUP yoga express (a quick 1 hr class to jump-start your day), private SUP yoga tours, private SUP yoga, social SUP yoga, full moon sunset SUP yoga, and a discounted bring your own board full moon sunset SUP yoga. 


That’s a lot! 

Needless to say, if you can’t find what you are looking for here, you might want to stop looking. 

Head on out to Pure Aloha Yoga for a fantastic time on the water! 


There are numerous places on the coast of Australia to practice SUP yoga with a qualified instructor. 

So many, that is can be difficult to suss out exactly where to start. 

But no worries, she’ll be apples mate! (We did that correctly Australia, right?)

With this shortlist of some of the best places and what they have to offer, you’ll be off in the right direction no matter who you choose to go to. 

Just don’t forget to send us a few pics of your adventures so that we may share it with all of our friends! And don’t forget to have fun. That too.