5 Great Places to SUP in Indonesia

In Spotlight by Daniel

Over the course of the last five to seven years, Indonesia, and in particular, Bali, has become a desired destination for yogis, surfers, and adventurers. 

The reasons to visit the tropical shores of the islands are plenty. But it can include the welcoming culture, the fantastic food, the beautiful natural surroundings, and in the case of surfers and paddlers, the blue waters full of fun waves and wildlife. 

As it is a new place to discover, most travelers are unaware of where to begin their planning.

Sure, there are plenty of resorts offering all-inclusive deals, but our members and like-minded travelers are in it for the adventure.

And that means, straying off the beaten path with an idea to venture into the unknown. 

Stray too far into the unknown though, and you may get lost. 

That’s why the team at Perfect Paddles exists! We are here to help guide you in the correct direction.

And with this list of some of the best outfitters to check out in Bali, we know you won’t get too lost! Unless of course, you want to.

Cenigan Paradise Adventures (Lembongan)

Our first stop is a place called Cenigan Paradise Adventures in Lembongan. When you think of Ceningan, don’t think it’s exclusively for SUP. 

They do indeed have a package that includes time on atop a board, but they also have options for snorkeling, boat tours, and hiking.

To book an adventure tour with Cenginan is to have a complete Indonesian experience where you will be guided to some of the best spots the island has to offer. And with their expert guides there to show you the way, you know you will receive expert instruction and a safe time on the move in the country. 

If, however, you are dead set on SUP (and we hope that you are!) their Adventure Package G is the one you should check out. 

Besides time on a SUP, participants will also experience a boat transfer, hotel transfer, snorkeling in three spots, an island tour, and lunch (with all this activity a lunch is necessary!).

As you can see, this is not just a SUP tour or rental. This is an experience. 

Rip Curl School of Surf (Bali)

Rip Curl School of Surf is located in Bali and it might be the most comprehensive school for watersports on our list. 

And when we say ‘might be’ we mean...it is. It definitely is.

Their SUP lessons cover every aspect of the technique to ensure your success on the open water.

They offer a Level 1 lesson that is the stripped-down basics. A Level 2 course that has you conquering small waves in the ocean. A Level 3 class that takes you into those big waves you only dreamed of in the past. And private one-on-one sessions where you can pick the brain of a professional watersports enthusiast and get a distilled version of SUP to help you understand every mechanism. 

And in case you were wondering, they also offer lessons in surfing, kiteboarding, foil boarding, wakeboarding, diving, and sea kayaks. 

Oh, and they also have reef tours and a trip to the small island of Lembongan.

They literally…

Have it all.

This might be one of the best places to experience the water in Bali. We wouldn’t blame you if you started to book your trip right now.

Lombok Playground (Lombok)

Next up! Lombok Playground, located on the small, but beautiful, island of Lombok.

Just as their name suggests, Lombok Playground is a fantastic place to go if you want to experience life on the water in Lombok. 

They provide exceptional service in a variety of watersports which include kiteboarding, tubing, surfing, and paddleboarding.

But the real treat is in their SUP locations. Lombok is a small island and the surrounding areas are filled with crystal blue water, an abundance of reef housing wildlife, and tropical beaches that will welcome you back ashore once your excursion is over. 

It really cannot get any better than this! 

SUP Yoga Bali

SUP Yoga Bali takes us out of the realm of adventure sports and brings it back down to our bodies with their vast array of yoga classes on a SUP.

If you have never tried SUP yoga before we recommend a class at SUP Yoga Bali because of their qualified instructors and experience with guiding classes full of students from all skill levels and backgrounds. 

To take part in a class on the water is a treat. But to take part in a class in Bali on the water is a whole different experience. 

Think about stretching into your favorite pose, arms and legs stretched, energy flowing through your body, the warm sun touching your face, and you’re doing it immersed in a tropical setting on top of crystal clear water with fish visibly swimming underneath you. 

In a word: wow. 

To get in on this action, be sure to contact SUP Yoga Bali before you head out!

WhatSUP Lombok

Last stop! And we find ourselves back on the island of Lombok at WhatSUP. 

Much like our previous outfitters, WhatSUP offers customers a chance to participate in a vast array of watersports- kiteboarding, surfing, and SUP!

And they do it all on the beaches of Lombok. 

Think warm sun and sandy beaches as you stand atop a SUP and glide over the water to the tranquil tune of absolutely nothing. Just pure silence except for the sound of your paddle slipping gently into the water. 

It’s a magical experience. 

And with the team at WhatSUP you are guaranteed to receive some of the best teaching and training on the island. 

This outfitter comes highly recommended from us and with that vote of confidence, you cannot go wrong!


Indonesia has quickly become a hotbed for retreats, surf, SUP, and adventure.

If you are reading this article, chances are you have been planning on taking a trip down that way. 

Well, don’t get overwhelmed if you are looking for options in regards to SUP, surf, and yoga. 

Let us do the hard work for you.

Wherever you decide to go to Indonesia, check with us first! And if there is an outfitter we don’t have on our list, let us know! We would love to connect. 

And as always, make sure you are having fun! Because that is what SUP is all about.