6 Shops in the New York and New Jersey Area for Social Paddles

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6 Shops in the New York and New Jersey Area for Social Paddles

Social Paddles are a growing faction of the SUP community where members are encouraged to come together, meet new people, and make new friends.

During these times, beginners are encouraged to join as seasoned members provide them with lessons, and a complete understanding of how to successfully stand and paddle on a board.

From there, groups are led out into the water where they can refine their skills, get to know their fellow paddlers, and have a great time!

And as the sport has grown, so have the crowds. As we all know, New York and the surrounding areas are some of the most crowded places on Earth!

Which only means, when you sign up for a fun Social Paddle, you will learn a new skill and make a ton of new friends who you can connect with on and off the water.

Still wondering where to begin?

Then start here, with this Perfect Paddles 6 Shops in the New York and New Jersey Area for Social Paddles.

Kostal Paddle (Manorhaven, NY)

First up on our list is a place called Kostal Paddle located in Manorhaven, New York.

Kostal Paddle is a top-tier shop and outfitter with two locations- one in Florida, and the other, which we will spotlight today, in New York.

Located in Port Washington, their northern location is open for the summer season, Father’s Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, with weather permitting of course.

The calm, flat waters of Manhasset Bay are perfect for beginners and experienced paddlers alike, looking to head onto the water with large groups.

And while they offer beginner lessons and rentals, Kostal also provides group tours around the bay for large gatherings of people from across the United States.

During one of these tours, highly qualified instructors take paddlers through the bay and out into the waters where participants can expect to see the beautiful views of Long Island and iconic New York skyline.

After the paddle is over, groups are welcome to hang out together on the launch point or grab a bite to eat and explore the city when the water portion is over.

A Kostal Paddle Tour is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with strangers who quickly become good friends, while exploring the many avenues the city of New York has to offer.

Flow Paddle Yoga (Red Bank, NJ)

Our next outfitter is a place called Flow Paddle Yoga located south in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Flow Paddle is best known for their yoga classes. Often each class is full of excited paddlers ready to test themselves on their boards while contorting their bodies into different yogic positions to see if they can maintain their balance.

These classes are taught by first-class highly trained instructors who guide participants through a series of stretches tailored to their abilities both in yoga and on a SUP.

If you are into SUP yoga, then this is the place to check out!

But, if you are the social butterfly type, then look no further.

Flow Paddle Yoga offers a social paddle they call “Paddle and Pour.”

As it says on their website, “Come out every Thursday for fun Paddle and Pour. Take a scenic cruise around the beautiful Navesink River then hop into Boondocks for some yummy food, drinks and good company!”

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Well, it is! Don’t wait, sign up when summer rolls around and get on the water!

Jersey Paddle Boards (Greenwood Lake, NJ)

Jersey Paddle Boards on beautiful Greenwood Lake is our next stop.

Much like the previous outfitters, Jersey Paddle Boards is a complete operation, offering beginner lessons, rentals, and even kayak options for the scenic, pine laden area of northern New Jersey.

But they also offer a few options when it comes to social paddles as well.

Their first offering is an afternoon called Lunch on Liquid. These are usually casual paddles on the lake with a relaxing stop for lunch at one of the many waterfront restaurants. Check in is at 11:00 AM, with lunch shortly after. For a relaxing time meeting new people, this is sure to be it.

Next is their Coed Night Paddle and Bonfire. Just like the name implies, these paddles are for both men and women, where they can choose to either paddle a SUP or a kayak around the lake, see the sights and watch the sun set on the water, before making it back to shore for a warm bonfire with provided snacks and drinks.

And last is there Full Moon Night Paddle and Bonfire. Jersey Paddle Boards writes on their site, “For both the ladies and guys. Choose either a paddleboard or kayak. This is a guided evening social paddle under the full moon on Greenwood Lake. This is not a lesson and you will be required the stay with the group. A bonfire will be on the beach when we return. Snacks and beverages are welcome at the bonfire.”

Stay with the group, make some new friends, and enjoy a warm bonfire at the end of the day. Not much can be better than that. Trust us, we’ve looked!

Paddle Works (Manasquan, NJ)

Paddle Works, located in Manasquan, New Jersey has been featured on many Perfect Paddles lists, and for good reason!

Whatever you want to do on a SUP, they have you covered. Beginner lessons, advanced technique lessons, paddlesurf, and group events, you can find it all at Paddle Works.

You can even purchase a board from them on their website!

But back to the point here- Paddle Works offers groups events where you can customize the activities you would like to pursue, whether advanced or beginner lessons need to be included or not. This means your group gets a private instructor during your social meeting, where they even take pictures for you to keep and share when you make it back to shore.

Paddle Works is a great shop to check out if you in the area and are looking for a ton of options to get you and group of others onto the water.

And you know what’s even better? Saving money. Which you can do through our Buddy Deal here!

South End Surf N’ Paddle (Beach Haven, NJ)

Next up is a place called South End Surf N’ Paddle in Beach Haven, New Jersey.

South End is a complete outfitter much like our previous shops, in that they offer beginner lessons, rentals, deals on new and used boards, and of course, group offerings for those looking to expand their social network.

Groups are led through a quick beginner lesson and then guided by the instructor onto Mordecai Island where they will be shown various landmarks, beautiful scenery, and given the chance to interact with the rest of the group.

Taking a group outing with South End Surf N’ Paddle is a great way to experience Long Beach Island in New Jersey like you have never experienced it before.

Stacey’s Surf and Paddle (Margate City, NJ)

Our last stop for the day is an outfitter called Stacey’s Surf N’ Paddle in Margate City, New Jersey.

Stacey’s has the most interesting events of the above mentioned shops and outfitters when it comes to social gatherings.

For example, they offer a Yoga, Paddle and Essential Oil Night, a Mosaic Night and Paddle, a Tuesday Night Strengthen Our Mind and Body Paddle with Maynards, which entails a paddle board lesson with their instructor Stacey followed by some light appetizers at the restaurant Maynards Margate, and a Full Moon Paddle.

The Full Moon Paddle is as described on their site, “Enjoy the full moon’s shimmering light on the water and the serene and mysterious thrill of paddling in the dark. The Full Moon Paddle is one of our most popular and most fun tours. A tour guide will set the course and be with you the entire time. Glow necklace and headlamps (limited availability) are provided. We like to make this a social night so feel free to bring snacks and beverages and enjoy our outdoor deck.”

If you decide paddle in the dark then, be sure to bring some beverages along with you to enjoy with your fellow paddlers as you make new friends and share in the joy of paddling on the water.

With these interesting offerings, we had to include Stacey’s Surf and Paddle on our list!


Social paddles are a great way to learn a new skill and make new friends at the same time. And as you can see, they often involve many different activities to keep you interested and involved in the SUP community.

And that is what it is. A community.

Members of the SUP tribe are proud to spread the excitement they feel when taking to the water and warmly welcome anyone looking to introduce the skill of paddling to their repertoire.

This is a skill that can open many doors for you.

Whether you want to increase your exercise and get into better shape, try yoga, take to the ocean to catch waves or simply meet new friends, SUP can take you there.

And we hope, through our lists of shops featured here, we can help point you in the right direction. As always, the team at Perfect Paddles is here to answer all questions. The best part of spreading the stoke of SUP is seeing everyone we meet on the water!