6 Shops in the San Francisco Area for Fun Social Paddles

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6 Shops in the San Francisco Area for Fun Social Paddles

One of the best ways to spend time on a SUP is during a social paddle. Sharing good times and smiles with new friends will invigorate your drive to try new activities and meet new people.

But a side effect most people do not know about or even consider is the increase in confidence that comes from conquering your inner critic when starting a new activity.

Everyone is constantly afraid of failure. And often this fear can stop people from trying something new.

Now imagine conquering that fear. But not only conquering it, but surpassing it. You successfully get on a board, stand up, increase your strength and meet new friends all at the same time.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

What’s even better though is conquering your fear and learning a new skill surrounded by a beautiful setting.

And one of the most beautiful places on earth is Northern California in San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

Armed with the knowledge of these six shops and outfitters in the San Francisco are, this is your chance to reach out, sign up, conquer your fear, learn a new skill, and make new friends.

Let’s go!

Mike’s Paddle (Alameda)

First up is a Perfect Paddles favorite to include on our lists- Mike’s Paddle located in Alameda.

Mike’s Paddle does a ton of SUP related activities, and they do them well.

Of course, if you are new to the sport, be sure to sign up for their beginner class. Their in-depth knowledge on the stroke, stance, and safety of SUP is unparalleled in the game.

In addition, they have plenty of interesting tours and events to choose from as well.

But what we are here to discuss is their wonderful Sunset Paddle and Party Social Paddle.

From May to October, on the first Friday of every month, Mike’s Paddle holds an event where participants can rent boards, get a refresher or beginner lesson, head into the water and watch the sunset from the comfort of their SUP as they unwind and let the day go with the sunset.

After spending time in the water, paddlers will make their way back to the courtyard space Mike’s Paddle has where they can enjoy some drinks, snacks and plenty of interesting conversation with the rest of the group.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Well, it is.

And what’s even better- Mike’s Paddle offers a discount on our Perfect Paddles page here. Check it out!

Sea Trek (Sausalito)

Our next stop is a shop called Sea Trek in Sausalito.

Much like their name implies, this outfitter is all about the sense of adventure.

Or as they put in it on their website, “Stand up paddleboards are a fun way to get out into nature, and are an excellent form of exercise! If you enjoy using stand up paddleboards, or would like to learn, Sea Trek offers trips in the Bay Area that are suitable for all experience levels. Our friendly and experienced staff will be your guides. Whether you want to practice your paddling, have a fun group trip, or create an intimate getaway, we’ll help you create your own adventure.”

We suggest you take their advice. Grab a group of friends, or sign up for a class with strangers, meet up at the designated spot, get on those boards and start having some fun.

Sea Trek has consistently been one of the best outfitters in the area and holds a high recommendation from the team at Perfect Paddles.

Plus, they also offer a discount through our Buddy Deal here for anyone looking to save a couple of bucks! Let’s be honest, who isn’t looking to do that. Check it out!

California Canoe and Kayak (Oakland)

California Canoe and Kayak located in Oakland is next up on our list.

Don’t be fooled by their name! They also offer first-rate deals on SUP beginner lessons, rentals, and of course, social groups and tours.

One of their unique offerings includes either a Moonlight Paddle or Sunset Tour. Both of these take place with a group of people involved for you to meet, mingle, and share stories with.

Both take place in the Oakland Estuary and both surround participants with a unique view of the surrounding area watching the sun peacefully set behind the skyline of a busy city.

There are few better ways to spend an evening, as both tours are relaxing, and fun.

Get out from the shadows of the city and spend time in nature with like-minded people. We know it will have a positive impact on your health and mood.

Petaluma Stand Up Paddle (Petaluma)

Petaluma Stand Up is next on our list! And you guessed it, they’re located in Petaluma.

One of the most unique offerings on our list is their Ride Wind and Tides to Lakeville Landing self-guided tour.

Groups have a choice between, as they put it on their website, nature or nurture.

They continue, “You choose! Ride wind & tides on the Petaluma River 5 miles to Lakeville Landing with sweeping views of preserved wetlands, big skies and an oak-studded ridgeline that stretches to Mt. Tam. Or, nurture your soul paddling 3-miles round trip from the Petaluma Marina to Old Town where you can tie up and stroll riverfront restaurants and cobble stone streets.”

Sounds interesting and fun doesn’t it?

And the best part is its self-guided which means you and the group can take your time getting to know one another, practicing your balance and stroke technique, and sharing in the adventure of conquering the art of SUP by yourself.

And what’s more! They offer a discount through our Buddy Deal here, so be sure to not miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

Napa Valley Paddle (Napa)

Welcome to the gorgeous landscape of Napa with our next stop at Napa Valley Paddle.

Offering a complete buffet, if you will, of paddling activities, Napa Valley allows paddlers to choose between guided and self-guided tours as well.

But their most social offering happens to be their Napa River Full Moon Paddle.

They explain on their website, “In this paddling adventure, we will explore the experience of moving along the river guided by the light of the moon and stars. We time our full moon adventure to correspond to when the best light and shadows play on the water as the sun sets and the full moon rises. Listen to the sounds of birds settling down and watch fish feed at twilight as you paddle into the night.

Our adventure begins at the Main Street Dock in downtown Napa one hour before the sunsets. We will head south down the river to a location where the moon beams over the rolling vineyards and hillside surrounding downtown Napa. Our knowledgeable guide will run through basic paddling techniques and safety considerations before setting off to cut our quiet paths across the water in this unique paddling experience.”

Its an adventure to remembered, that’s for sure.

And the best part- you can meet new and interesting people along the way to share in the excitement.

Also, be sure to check out their page on Perfect Paddles here for details on a discount!

SUP Odyssey (Guerneville)

Last stop on our Social Paddles tour is an outfitter called SUP Odyssey located in Guerneville, California.

What makes SUP Odyssey different is their offering of trips on the Russian River, giving paddlers a different scene instead of the familiar bay or ocean.

Each trip is self-guided, giving paddlers ample opportunity to meet and greet each other before embarking down the river.

Once on the river it is up to the group where they would like to stop, take breaks, chat, and see the sights of the beautiful Russian River.

On the way back, be sure to try and take pictures if you feel comfortable taking a phone with you, or just take mental reminders as a safer way to remember the relaxing, yet exciting trip down the river.

Meet new friends, learn a new skill, and take your newfound confidence with you in everyday life. That’s something we can all sign up for!


Social paddles are a great way to learn a new skill and meet new friends.

They can be the perfect platform for extending your social circle and getting into the best shape of your life.

And they can be an excellent way to spend an afternoon with family, immersed in nature, and letting the sunshine touch your face.

Basically, you should sign up for one.

And by following our guidelines here in this article and through all of Perfect Paddles, you can be rest assured that you will get the best deals with the greatest people in the industry.

Because that is what we are here for. To help push you in the right direction to begin to change your life and your family’s life for the better.

Paddling is much more than exercise. It’s a chance to change your lifestyle to one of more exercise and a larger circle of friends.

What more could you ask for?