6 SUP Yoga & Fitness Classes to Check Out in Seattle

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6 SUP Yoga and Fitness Classes to Check Out in the Seattle Area

The great Pacific Northwest. The beautiful outdoors. The undeniable magnificence in the thousand shades of green and fresh pine scent. Clear water and grey jutting rocks. Mountains and valleys. Flowers and never-ending hiking trails.

The area surrounding Seattle is full of amazing scenery and fresh-water sanctuaries prime for enthusiasts to spend time outdoors.

And while we understand kayaking, hiking, and biking are all worthy pursuits for excellent outdoor exercise, what we believe is the best way to spend time outside is on a SUP.

With these incredible places to paddle, companies in the area are now offering chances to experience yoga and fitness classes with the backdrop of incredible views offered by the northwest United States.

With that in mind, this is our list of 6 SUP Yoga and Fitness Classes to Check Out in the Seattle Area.

SUP Yoga Seattle (Seattle, WA)

Taking the first spot on our list is a company called SUP Yoga Seattle, located in, well, that’s obvious isn’t it?


What makes them stand out?

Besides having a specilization on the wonderful activity of yoga on the water, they offer options in class type and even locations.

Classes range from a standard yoga flow, to a yin float, which is a slower, more relaxing routine where participants will hold poses longer and will spend a large amount of time lying on their backs, to a HIIT paddling course, which is a high intensity interval training circuit. These classes usually involve exercise on land- think pushups, squats, burpees, etc, to a next level SUP yoga class focused on advanced poses such as balance and headstands.

Phew. That’s a lot of choices!

But wait, paddlers can also choose between two beautiful locations- Greenlake which is centered inside the city, and in Leschi which is a coast right off downtown Seattle.

These two wonderful spots are pristine places to experience SUP and the surrounding city of Seattle as well.

So, given their class choices and awesome locations, SUP Yoga Seattle makes its way onto our 6 SUP Yoga and Fitness Classes to Check Out in the Seattle Area.

Northwest Paddle Surfers (Seattle, WA)

Next up is an outfitter called Northwest Paddlesports located in the city which graces the name of this article- Seattle.

Opening back up in the spring, Northwest Paddle Sports specializes in getting people on the water, no matter their preferred craft.

Having multiple locations in Seattle, Kirkland, and Lacey, NWPS has quickly grown to be the premiere shop for beginner paddlers looking to get into the sport or experienced paddlers trying to develop a better technique.

But besides beginner lessons and tips for the experienced, this outfitter also provides as excellent SUP yoga class for the inexperienced and experienced yogi alike.

Classes are guided through a beginner lesson to assess paddling skills before taking to the water and being guided by an experienced yoga instructor through a series of flows, allowing the body to stretch and re-invigorate.

Perfect Paddles highly recommends contacting NWPS for all things paddling related if you and your family are visiting Seattle!

Paddle Surfit (Kamloops, British Columbia)

For this next outfitter we will have to look north of the border in British Columbia with our first shop called Paddle Surfit.

This particular spot may be a bit farther north than the denoted city of Seattle, but we feel it was worth it to include them on our list due to their first-class instructors and excellent customer service.

Not to mention they offer Surfit and yoga classes for the eager paddler looking to increase their overall health and fitness.

Consisting of a one-hour session, participants will be guided through a warm-up on the board, calisthenics, interval paddles, followed by a relaxing stretch and yoga cool down centered on one of Heffley Lakes most spectacular bays.

For our readers who are unfamiliar with this space, the lake is located near the city of Kamloops, north Vancouver and features breathtaking scenery including clear fresh water, bright blue skies, surrounded by an ocean of green pines trees and an abundance of wildlife living among the shores.

While this shop may be the most northern spot on our list, their amazing location is worth a trip if you find yourself close to the area.

Perfect Paddles highly recommends taking one of their combo exercise classes filled with intense paddling and a yoga stretch cool down.

Norm Hann Expeditions (Squamish, British Columbia)

Gliding into the next spot on our list is an outfitter called Norm Hann Expeditions in Squamish, British Columbia.

Staying north of the border for this one, Norm Hann makes it onto another Perfect Paddles list because they are simply one of the best companies for adventures on a SUP.

Previously in other posts we have talked extensively about their amazing wildlife tours (which everyone should check out on our previous blog) but what most paddlers may not be aware of is their equally great fitness classes and trainings they have listed under their activities.

Just like their excursions and wildlife tours, Norm Hann offers paddlers a real chance to receive professional mentorship in advancing their skills on the water with a paddle in hand.

Their offerings include a River Instructor course, Intro to Overnight Touring course, a Badfish River Clinic, Advanced Flatwater Skills, Paddle Surf Weekend and Instruction, and more!

Each of these courses are designed to put the power in the paddlers hands by providing them with expert training, advice and tips to increase their paddling efficiency and get into the best shape of their lives.

Perfect Paddles recommends contacting Norm Hann if you are moderately experienced and want to take a significant jump in your skills and fitness. They are a first-class operation!

What’s SUP (Kenmore, WA)

Our next shop finds up hopping back down to the United States and landing at an outfitter called What’s SUP in Kenmore, Washington.

Brining it back closer to Seattle, What’s SUP is run and operated by Captain Steve and his wife Cecilia, who started their paddling life in Honolulu, Hawaii, where Steve took to being in the water at a very early age.

Starting when he was young, Steve would always find himself in, on, or around the water while living in Hawaii- surfing, paddling, or spending time in his 10’ rowboat, which he would often use as transportation to school.

After a move to the Pacific Northwest, he fell back into his passion on the water and opened What’s SUP with his wife.

Besides offering rentals and lessons, starting this year in 2020, Steve and Cecilia will begin implementing a What’s SUP Fitness course which will include SUP yoga and cardio paddles, where participants will be encouraged to push themselves sprinting through the water. Making for a fun and interesting way to get into great shape for the summer months ahead.

What’s SUP lands at number four on our list due to the great people behind the operation! And we at Perfect Paddles cannot way to see the results of their SUP Fitness classes rolling out this summer.

Yogatola (Everett, WA)

Last, but certainly not least, on our list is a yoga-centric outfitter operating out of Everett, Washington, called Yogatola.

An all-encompassing yoga studio as well as outdoor SUP yoga school, Yogatola was created with the obsessed yogi in mind.

If, for some odd reason, being on the water is not your thing (if that is true, then why are you here?!) then feel free to take a Vinyasa flow class or a core-centric Pilates class at the Everett Family YMCA with Alla Allen, founder and teacher of Yogatola.

But, if the water is your thing (then we are certainly glad you are here) the best way to enjoy your obsession for yoga and the water is through a SUP yoga session with Alla, floating peacefully on the open waters near Everett.

Open to all levels, Alla will guide classes through a tailored flow, allowing the difficulty of balancing on the board to begin to feel normal as you kick up the intensity as time goes by.

Yogatola makes it onto our list due to Alla’s extensive yoga knowledge, ex6 perience teaching a wide range of classes, and her ability to adapt flows from inside a studio to out on the water.


The Pacific Northwest is a great area in the United States to spend much of your time outside.

The rolling mountains and blanketed pine tree countryside make for an inspirational landscape surrounded by wildlife and wide-open spaces.

Combine this with clear waterways and it’s one of the best places to hop on a SUP enjoy time under the sun.

Understanding this potential, shops and outfitters in the Seattle area now offer yoga and fitness classes to persuade active people to leave the stagnant air of the gym and take their workouts outside.

If you have never experienced one of these classes before, we cannot recommend checking out your local shop to do so. And if you are just visiting the Seattle area, we hope our list helps you to decide what the best place to contact is. We cannot wait to see you out on the water. And as always, if you have any additional questions, please feel free to drop us a line. Perfect Paddles is always here to guide you in the right direction!