9 Stunning Places to Paddle Around the World

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The Best SUP Spots Around the World

Ok, so the dolphins may have been a stretch. Still, it’s common for paddle boarding to go from an enjoyable hobby to an absolute obsession within a short time span. We get that!

So we put together a list of the absolute best place to paddle board around the world. If you’re ready to incorporate SUP boarding into your travels, read on:

1. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Rio de Janeiro is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The beaches, the weather, the people, and the views all combine to form a magical place. Plus, you’ll find a fantastic place to paddle board in the city. There’s a fort on the edge of Copacabana Beach that protects a small area from the waves. This area is an amazing place to paddle board and offers picture-perfect views of Rio from the sea.

2. Bali, Indonesia

bali indonesia

Bali has everything. There’s a reason this world-class travel destination is a favorite of travelers all over the world. While certain areas of Bali beaches feature high waves, you can find some of the best paddle boarding on the globe when visiting northern beaches on the island. Try out Medewi or Balian for starters. You won’t be disappointed with these SUP spots.

3. Perth, Australia

perth australia

Australia is known for surfing and strong waves. However, not every city or beach in Australia is packed with surfer dudes. In the western town of Perth, you’ll find some stunning paddle boarding locations. The smooth waters of the Swan River are tailor-made for SUP boarding. There’s also a gentle stretch of sand on the ocean called Cottesloe Beach, that’s popular with SUP boarders.

4. The Bahamas

bahamas boarding

While this is a little general, here the logic: The Bahamas features 120 miles of shoreline stretched out through hundreds of islands. The water surrounding these islands is nearly crystal clear and incredibly calm. Many enjoy relaxing paddle boarding here, while others love to fish on their paddle board in the calm waters filled with wildlife. Abacos is one of the best SUP spots found on the islands.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands


We’re going to get away from beaches and rivers here to check out Amsterdam. While the city is known for its raunchier side, it also boasts over 150 canals that add up to over 50 miles of water. The channels seem tailor-made for SUP boarding. This is one of the few European SUP spots on the list, but it’s certainly not one to be missed. Adding a little paddling boarding to your travels in Amsterdam is recommended.

6. Cape Town, South Africa

cape town supping

And Africa makes a showing on our list! Cape Town, South Africa is known as a world-class city for a number of reasons. You can add a great place to enjoy some paddle boarding to the list. You’ll find beautiful canals here, and certain beaches offer calm waters for SUP boarders. We recommend Langebaan Lagoon as the starting point for your SUP adventures in South Africa.

7. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

puerto vallarta mx

Featuring stunning beaches that are ideal for all watersports, you’ll find some amazing SUP spots in Puerto Vallarta. Situated on Mexico’s Pacific coast, this city offers warm and calm waters in certain areas. Many SUP fanatics enjoy checking out Los Muertos Beach. The water is ideal for SUP boarders of all skill levels.

8. Lisbon Coast, Portugal

lisbon portugal

Europe is back in the building! The Lisbon Coast of Portugal has become the paddle boarding capital of Europe. And for a good reason – as there’s a wide array of locations to SUP and a variety of water types to get your board on in. One favorite SUP spot here is the Luiz Saldanha Marine Park. The amazing visibility and fish in this locale have mesmerized many experienced paddle boarders.

9. Bay of Islands, New Zealand

bay of island

New Zealand is a nature lover’s paradise. The country is stunning. One fantastic SUP spot (of many in the country) can be found in the Bay of Islands. This location in the North of the country offers calm waters surrounded by beautiful nature. You’ll find inlets, bays, and protected coves to SUP board here.

We hope you get a chance to visit!

We hope this list of the best SUP spots around the world helps you plan your next vacation and enjoy some traveling. If you’re anything like us, you can’t get enough of paddle boarding. Here’s to enjoying the water all around the globe!