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Are you suffering from a lack of this?

In SUP Fitness, General by Daniel

Life is about having fun. Well… It’s about many things – hard work, achievement, struggle, change, and more. But fun should always be something you create in your life. Why? Because fun is what we remember the most. It’s what we tell stories about and makes us feel connected to ourselves and the world around us. It’s the main reason …

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ACE Standup Paddling Workout

In General, SUP Fitness by Daniel

– From our friends over at ACE Fitness – Three Essential Components in a SUP-specific Workout Balance Having strong feet is an important component to staying upright on a paddle board. Exercising barefoot is an easy and effective way to train your feet and ankles.  Muscles Core: The abdominal muscles help stabilize your body. When strong and engaged, they work …

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Everybody going surfing, surfing U-S-A

In General, Newsletter, SUP Fitness, SUP Surf by Daniel

We’ve all felt the pull… The way the waves curl, the bright sunshine, the low wind sweeping up the face of the water, and the hoots and hollers from surfers watching their friends catch a sweet ride. SUP surfing… It captures the imagination. As a simple test, take a look at these few pictures and notice how they make you …

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Become a Water Yogi One Pose at a Time

In SUP Fitness by Daniel

Have you ever wanted to try SUP yoga? But maybe you felt tentative, nervous, and decided to put it off. Who wants to fall in the water right? But without risks – there are no great rewards. And one of the most rewarding activities on a SUP is yoga. The supreme feeling of peace from stretching, surrounded by the sounds …