Everybody going surfing, surfing U-S-A

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We've all felt the pull...

The way the waves curl, the bright sunshine, the low wind sweeping up the face of the water, and the hoots and hollers from surfers watching their friends catch a sweet ride.

SUP surfing...

It captures the imagination.

As a simple test, take a look at these few pictures and notice how they make you feel...

But before you start scrolling, be sure to read to the end to grab this week's SUP-inspired workout!

Okay, let's get to the pics!

Notice anything?

When you look at these pictures you might have felt excited, peaceful, a craving, content...

Or as William Finnegan put it in his fantastic book Barbarian Days when he was asked the question of what it was that drove people to surf...

“It’s just pure. You’re alone. That wave is so much bigger and stronger than you. You’re always outnumbered. They always can crush you. And yet you’re going to accept that and turn it into a little, brief, meaningless art form.”

That's it, isn't it?

It's art in motion. That's what drives people to SUP surf. To take chances in the ocean. To fall, get back up, and fall again until they feel the rush of riding a perfectly curling wave.

And create their own piece of art.

Are you ready to take the chance this year and finally get into SUP surfing?


Then the best way to learn is with an excellent teacher.

But there are only a few places that are willing to take newbies into the ocean...

Therefore, you need an easy way to find them.

And you can, with a short search on our Locations/Activities page under SUP Surf.

From there you will find a complete list of every outfitter in your area or the area you are willing to travel to, where they will teach you the nuances of SUP surfing.

Then you can finally experience what it's like to catch that perfect ride.

That is - unless you happen to be an experienced surfer.

And if you are, then we recommend checking out these three vacation destination spots for SUP surfing and the outfitters who will take you there...

  1. Stand Up Panama (Panama City)

Arturo and his stoked gang of instructors lead you on a SUP Surf Day around Panama. Details: A 6 hour SUP Surf day trip to the beautiful Chame or San Carlos’ districts, just an hour away from Panama City. We pick you up at your hotel or we can meet at Standup Panama offices at Isla Culebra in Amador. The scenic drive to the beach includes a stop at Quesos Chela for a famous freshly baked “empanada de queso” (fresh cheese patty) and a drink. The SUP Surf session is 3 hours long, after that we drive back to Panama City.

Buddy Deal: 10% off services

  1. Nicoya SUP and Surf (Montezuma, Costa Rica)

Details: Intermediate SUP surfing - if you have previous experience and you control your balance, turning, and paddling we offer guided tours to one of our point breaks to learn to catch waves and ride the face of the waves. 2 and a half hours of professional and ISA certificated instruction.

  1. Salmon Bay Paddle (Seattle, Washington)

Details: Surfing with a twist! Surf Seattle on freighter waves generated by fast-moving ships. Waves can get waist to chest high with rides up to a minute and sessions lasting up to 45 minutes.

Buddy Deal: Save $10 on select services

Ready to get out there this season?!

We thought so.

If any of these outfitters and locations intrigued you, be sure to reach out, book your spot and start catching some waves!

But before you get too excited...

You should first make sure you are in shape for the quickly approaching SUP season!

And one of the best ways to do so is by following along with our workout series for SUP.

This week we have a yoga flow for you that can be done on your board or in your home - the choice is yours!

(Coincidentally, yoga is one of the best ways to prepare for surfing. Many of the same motions in yoga flows can be found in surfing pop-ups such as hip control, balance, and dexterity. Enhance your surfing through yoga!)

In this particular video, the instructor goes over each pose and the part of the body it helps in correlation to paddling.

Example: "Thread the Needle" pose is great for opening up your shoulders. Especially helpful for paddlers who will often feel tightness in that area from paddling during the day.

We also have the sequence written for you below with timestamps for demonstrations!

10 SUP Yoga Poses to Practice At Home or On the Water

Down Dog :30

Chair :36

Warrior Two :53

Malasana 1:00

Headstand 1:18

Boat Pose 1:34

Thread the Needle 1:49

Modified Crescent Lunge 2:04

Full Wheel 2:17

Savasana 2:29

Practice these poses on your board or in the comfort of your home. Either way, try to make yoga, and these poses in particular, a regular part of your warmup, cooldown, or a workout in itself!

Eventually, you'll begin to feel enhanced dexterity, circulation, and an increased sense of well-being.

Until next time, stay stoked!

-The Perfect Paddles Team

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P.P.S. Check out this moment of SUP surfing zen in Sumatra for some extra motivation!