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Paddle Enthusiasts 

Is Perfect Paddles the “Angies List” of Paddle Professionals?
A. Not exactly. We are a directory for the best SUP professional instructors in the world and you can find, ask questions, and even hire their services but we really offer So MUCH MORE!

Our aim is to Inspire, Inform, and Grow the stand up paddle board Community. Together, all the listed Paddle Pro’s represent years of experience powered by passion for the sport they love and teaching people how best to enjoy SUP in their chosen part of the world.

That represents A LOT of local know-how and we believe that providing easy access to that info will help paddlers of every level experience and enjoy all that there is to SUP.

Q. Who is Perfect Paddles for?
A. Perfect Paddles is “For Those who Feel the Call of the Water”. Our mission is to Inspire and Inform stand up paddle boarders all over the world. We are for the certified, experienced paddle Pro who wants to showcase their SUP services, and the location (s) they know and love the best.

We are for the paddle enthusiast who is a student of SUP and wants to learn more, see more, do more on a SUP. We want to be the online resource for all paddlers who want to get the local knowledge in their hometowns and/or see the world from a SUP point of view! Our motto - It’s your world Paddle it!

Q. How do I make the most out of Perfect Paddles?
A. Whether you’re looking for a new launch spot in your hometown or visiting a new destination there are certified Professional SUP instructors and guides all around the world who have SUP specific local knowledge. Those listed here at Perfect Paddles are willing to share so that all of our members can tap into a wealth of local know-how and paddle and explore with confidence.

Don’t miss out on the best experience - get the best intel, gear recommendations, local conditions reports, or hire them as a guide so you can see what makes their area special. SEARCH, FIND, AND CONNECT!

The Local Pro Knows - They have already done the work for you and found the best places in their region to paddle because they love to paddle too. Their years of experience and passion for what they do inspire paddlers and is what grows a community of stand up paddle boarders who want to explore and;

  • See a breathtaking view
  • Find the hidden gems: crystal clear blue lagoons, a hidden beach, a seasonal migratory marine life visit
  • Epic moments with Mother Nature in all her glory

Paddleboarding gives us access to once in a lifetime moments that we couldn't have otherwise!

Q. Do I need to already know how to SUP
A. Nope.

SUP is easy to learn and takes a lifetime to master. It’s a Broad sport. There are so many SUP based disciplines ranging from:  SUP eco- tours, SUP surfing, SUP yoga, Paddle workouts, Paddle games for kids and adults of all ages, Downwinders Adventures, SUP social Beach cleanups, SUP camping trips and many more!!!

We’re all on the same learning curve and finding a Paddle Pro to help you along the way will make the world a bigger place for you to enjoy on a SUP.

Q. How do I find a new place to paddle?
A. Connect with a local Guide or Paddle Pro.

If you find the local paddle Pro you have found a wealth of knowledge. Just about any place there’s water there’s a professional paddle Pro who knows it best. Their experience paddling and exploring their home spot over the years gives valuable insight into how to enjoy that spot the best.

Once you find a Pro,  we recommend you connect, check out their services, hire them, or just make a new paddle buddy. You can paddle on your own knowing you have a local Pro to help with any SUP specific questions you may have - local weather, tides, seasonal conditions, gear recommendations, safety tips, where to stay, park, eat the best fish tacos in town, you name it - they probably already know and are willing to share!

Q. How do I search for local pros?
A. To Find the Local Pro by locationanywhere in the world use our homepage search and find them by city, state, or country. 

To Find a Local Pro by activity - go to the SUP activities page and search by location, search term, like business name, or use the filter search and find a specific SUP activities, like - SUP surfing, SUP kids camps, Full Moon paddles, SUP yoga retreats.

You can even search by Month, locations like Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, or find specific gear rentals like Foil boards, Performance paddles and Boards rentals, wetsuit rentals, and much, much more!

Our mission to provide the largest directory of SUP activities, locations, and experts in the world. So, start your search and be prepared to get inspired to SUP the world!

Q. How do I message a Pro?
A. Once you find a destination or an activity you want to join, click the “Message a Pro” button on their listing to send them a direct message.

Connect with the local Pro to schedule a class or just ask a SUP specific question. When messaging a pro, include your username(once you've registered an account and completed your profile) so that the pro can check your profile to get to know your experience level, and goals so they can start guiding you in the right direction right away! 

Q. Do I need to hire or pay the Pro?
A. Nope. Perfect Paddle Pro’s are here because they want to help you.

Even if that’s just answering a few questions so you can better enjoy your experience paddling solo or with a group of your own. If you choose to hire them for their services, of course, you’ll have to pay whatever their service rates are (listed on their websites).

BUT, if you sign up and create an account with Perfect Paddles many of the Paddle Pro’s will give you a discount! Yep, info, and special deals! Because you love to paddle and because you're willing to learn and ask questions you are helping to grow SUP community and that would be rewarded. Those that paddle help each other and our Paddle Pro discounts “Buddy Deals” are a way to show appreciation for those who love to paddle. Yep, we know what you’re thinking right now. It IS awesome!

Q. What are the benefits of creating an account?
A. Registration is free and gives you access to deals, and news about SUP activities, destinations, and causes paddlers care about!

Your information is private and will not be used for anything other than to help you communicate with any of the paddle Pro’s on this site. The more skill level, prior experience, paddle goals info you fill out the better to help your next paddle Pro find the best SUp activity for you.

A picture is worth a thousand words so, like a video is worth a couple hndred million - share pics and vids of you in action on the water. Got a pivot turn or still working on it - share it on your profile page. It's only for you, the paddle pros, and a potential paddle buddy so that you can match up with paddle activities and other paddlers of your abilities. The more you know the more you get to go and enjoy great SUP experiences!

nce you complete and submit your registration you can login and start getting access to Buddy deals. Just download and present printed or digital vouchers at the time of purchase. You can use buddy deals as much as you want . . .that’s like hundred or thousands of dollars in savings if you quit your job and all you do is paddle . . .hmmmmm, not a bad idea so go for it! 😉

A confirmation email will be sent to you but, really, once you submit you’re good to go. You’re already on the FAQ page so keep reading for more info. Have fun and paddle safely!

Q. What are buddy deals?
A.This is one of the best parts of being a Perfect Paddles member. Paddle Pro’s appreciate paddlers who want to paddle with local knowledge and experience all that there is to SUP safety.

That’s why many of our Paddle Pro’s offer our members a discount! Yep, not only are they hear to help you become a better paddler and experience all that there is to SUP they will even give you a discount from $5, $10 to $50 plus off each and every SUP activity they offer.

Paddle once or paddle often, the more you paddle the better you get and the more you get rewarded. It’s like frequent flyer miles for paddlers.

Q. How do I Redeem a Buddy Deal Voucher?
A. Whether it’s your first visit or you 50th please print or present a digital copy of your Buddy Deal. Buddy Deals are ongoing but do have an expiration date so only download when you are ready to paddle.

The discounted price will be applied by the Paddle Pro at the time of purchase.

Q. How do I use your map?
A. All listings are visible by default. To refine your search, select a term to search by.

Paddle Professionals

Q. I don't see my business listed, can I get it listed?
A. Yes, just "sign up my business" in the footer menu to get started.

Q. I see my business listed, can I claim it?
A. Yes, follow the steps HERE to begin

Q. How do I update my listing
A. Once we have verified you as the business owner/representative, all you need to do is be logged and click "edit this post" on your listing's page to update accordingly.

Q. Can I have more than one listing?
A. Absolutely! Simply enter another location via the "sign up my business" link in the footer.

Q. What is a buddy deal??
A. A Buddy Deal is an integral part of what we offer our members and is a great way to draw attention to your Trips and Activities plus you’ll give our paddle community a warm fuzzy, feel-good vibe! The important thing is that it doesn't cost you anything and doesn’t compete with your current marketing efforts because we are reaching out to paddlers outside of your network - it’s a win, win, win for everyone!


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