Gear Review: Deck Bagz

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And while each and every vendor deserves a shoutout from us, this week we will be reviewing DeckBagZ from Florida.

Gear Review: DeckBagZ

While the company DeckBagZ offers other accessories such as paddle covers, backpack options, and mounting kits for your SUP, what we'll be focusing on this week is their flagship item - the deck bag.


Neoprene construction - DeckBagZ crafts its products from the highest quality neoprene on the market making for a stylish bag that is water-resistant
Vinyl mesh
Snap hooks for easy placement onto the front of your board
Optional small dry bag for your cell phone - Included inside the bag is a small 100% waterproof dry bag that is perfect for your cell phone or other essentials that must remain dry
Internal key ring hook for your car keys - just snap the hook onto your keys and you won't lose them while on the water
Slide loop on the top for your paddle when stationary - whenever you need a break, just slide your paddle through the attached loop so you won't have to chase it in the water
Top zipper for easy open and access - the top zip allows the paddler to easily open and access anything inside the bag with ease
Turn it into a backpack - with the simple addition of straps, you can take your deck bag with you on foot
Vintage surf style design so you can paddle in style!


There are many.

First - we really enjoy the style. These bags pop. Which is to say, they look really cool whether you have it sitting on the front of your board or strapped to your back.

Construction - they are well made by professional craftsmen who know their trade.

Easy to use - just snap right onto the front of your board's bungees and off you go!

Two zipper locations - you can pack your bag on the overhead zipper when carrying it as a backpack or use the big zipper on the front side to open and close while it is sitting on top of your board.

D-rings and bungee loop - the additional of the bungee loop to keep your paddle aboard while at a standstill is a unique feature that most other deck bags fail to utilize.

Made in the USA - handcrafted in Florida, these bags are custom-made by canvas craftspeople with years of experience. They're extremely well made and can stand up to the elements.


Not 100% waterproof - while the construction is solid and the neoprene high-quality, the vinyl mesh is not 100% waterproof. Which, to us, is not that big of a deal. Especially when there is a smaller waterproof bag included for holding your phone and keys.

Just something to be aware of before purchasing.

Pricey - at the regular price of $129.99 it might be outside of some paddler's budgets. But you have to remember - these are high-quality products crafted in the USA. You get what you pay for.

And with their summer sale going on they're currently marked down to $99.99!

Combine that with our Members Discount of 10% off and you're looking at a steal!

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