Is It Possible to Kite or Wingsurf on an iSUP?

In Spotlight by Daniel

This is a question that sooner or later every iSUP paddler asks himself when he looks around and realizes there are a lot of interesting things happening around him on the water. If not sooner, then when he realizes that he is powerless in high waves and stronger winds, while kitesurfers, windsurfers and, in recent years, especially wingsurfers are just starting to really get into it.

So is it possible or not?

In theory, sure, but in practice it gets pretty complicated. Why? If we restrict ourselves to wingsurfers (similar applies to windsurfers and kiters), for very practical reasons they have special pins on their boards into which they stick their feet. If they were not somehow connected to their board, they would fly into the water due to the gust of wind and the resistance caused by the board, and nothing would be felt of the expected movement. The larger the board, the greater the resistance of the board and when we combine these facts, we come to the conclusion that with the same sail shape and no pins mounted on the iSUP, no results will be achieved.

For the iSUP, the sail must be smaller and adapted to lower winds and consequently lower speeds. Now the disadvantage of wingsurfers and kiters, which is rarely mentioned. For this sport, the conditions of a predictable wind of consistent strength and a suitable shore for launching and especially for returning must be met. There are few such spots on the coast and they are known as KITE or SURF spots.

Before we can master all the skills, we have to complete a compulsory course under the guidance of an experienced instructor. After at least a week of daily training we can go outdoors, but again only with an escort. If the wind carries us far out into the open and without an oar or help from a boat, rescue is out of the question. The cost of equipment for wing surfing is between $ 1500 and $ 3000, while for foiling or kiting you have to add about a grand. If we add the introductory course and a week-long stay at SPOT, we get to really high amounts and we are still just beginners.

Okay, is there an alternative?

Because the thing is, we already have an iSUP, so we do not want the expense of buying another board. Is there really no middle ground?

Good news for iSUP paddlers who want more than just paddling!

Innovative European company SUP Green Wing has developed a sail specifically for iSUP paddlers. The size of the sail area is just right and works great in moderate winds, of course the speeds achieved with this sail do not reach the speed of kiters or regular wingsurfers. Nevertheless, the fun is guaranteed. The great or biggest advantage of this sail is that you can fold it up and until you unfold it, you can use it as a seat that provides support for easier paddling while sitting or on your knees.

Your paddle acts as a pole for easier holding of the sail. Because of the innovative folding solution, they named it FOLDY. In practice, your tour with FOLDY would look like this: You start from your favorite spot anywhere (you are not tied to a crowded KITE or SURF spot) and paddle out into the open. When you feel the wind, you open the wing on the water, mount the paddle and launch with the wing surfer. If it starts blowing harder, you can continue on your knees, which is easier and safer. When it gets too far for you or you get tired, you put the sail down, fold it and continue the ride like a regular stand-up paddler.

You do not need a new board, you do not have to pay for expensive lessons, you can go anywhere without restrictions. The FOLDY sail can be inflated with the same pump you use for your iSUP, and when the FOLDY sail is deflated, it takes up so little space that it fits in the same bag with your iSUP.

Where can you buy it and how much does it cost?

FOLDY is currently not yet for sale as it is still in the presentation phase and a Kickstarter campaign is being prepared. So the first FOLDYs will only be available on the Kickstarter platform, with the lowest prices guaranteed. Even more, first customers will get special discounts and even free express delivery worldwide. We cannot talk about the prices at the moment, but according to the manufacturer's assurances, the promotion for the first copies of this multi-functional sail will be lower than the price of a standard Wing Surf. If the item has convinced you, visit the website and sign up for the priority list, which will allow you to become a member of the priority list. Only members will receive a SMS announcement 24 hours before the Kickstarter campaign begins. This will help you get our limited offers for the first backers, such as:

-the first 5 backers will receive a special 50% discount called "SUPER EARLY BIRD"

-the first 10 backers will receive free express shipping worldwide called "EARLY BIRD "