Is This Paddling Paradise On Your Wish-list This Year?

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Let's take a trip down south to Sayulita, Mexico...

"I woke up to the sound of the quiet paved highway changing to a low rumble of unpaved sideroads and hidden speed bumps...

Blinking my eyes through the dark black glass of my sunglasses, I sat in the passenger's seat of the rental car and looked outside the window...

The air was warm, the sun shone through the palm trees with a yellowish glow, and overhead hung what looked like brightly colored flags glowing pink, blue, green, orange, and red.

People walked on the sidewalk, on the streets, next to the bars and open patios of food purveying restaurants offering a local taste.

Hanging out overhead on the restaurant roofs lay large iguanas looking for dropped food and warm sun to soak in.

These streets were alive.

We pulled up to our Airbnb and I hopped out to unlock the gate that blocked the garage entrance - blowing out a flip flop in my excitement.

My buddy pulled the car in and we both knew what we had to do next - head straight to the beach.

We quickly walked through the side streets in an angular direction, only stopping for a second to look at the murals painted on the sides of the buildings.

As we got closer, I shot past the umbrella-wielding local vendors making a mental note to grab a hat with a wide brim later, down the sand-covered steps, and gazed over the ocean...

To my left rose small mountains, cliffs, houses that dotted the landscape, and palm trees. And straight ahead lay the vast ocean, swirling and beautiful, ready to explore on my inflatable paddle board for the next week.

I was truly excited to be in Sayulita."

That was a true story by one of our Members recounting the time he and his friend visited the singing streets of Sayulita.

We are of course, truly lucky to live in an age where we can travel to places far over the globe to explore, interact with the unfamiliar, and adventure - especially on a SUP.

The team at Perfect Paddles is fully aware of this privilege and so it has become a mission of ours to share with as many people as possible the traveling activities you can participate in with some of the very best outfitters around the globe.

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As you probably have come to expect, this section of our weekly emails often involves a workout to get you ready for the paddling season.


The paddling season is here! We hope you followed along each week to the point where you are in the best shape of your life!

But, now that it's paddling season, we feel it is best to transition from workouts to actual paddling activities.

And with that in mind...

This week we have a video for you created by Robert Stehlik of Blue Planet Surf, and professional paddler Jeff Chang where they discuss paddling technique...

And how to improve your own - with demonstrations!

Learn how to:
Enter and exit the water with greater efficiency
The proper stance
How to hold your paddle correctly
And more!

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That's it for this week Perfect Paddles family!

We hope you are enjoying the change in weather by spending more time on the water.

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Have a great weekend on the water everyone...
-The Perfect Paddles Team

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