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Sprit SUP Spotlight with Adam Uribe

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience with paddleboarding
Our instructors and SUP guides are certified in Stand-Up-Paddle on flat water or surf, and in ocean safety. Each individual instructor has his/her own highly-developed intimate understanding and knowledge of the ocean, tides, swells, waves, wind, weather, and wildlife. We offer Surf excursions, Reef Tours, Full Moon paddles, Kelp Forest excursions as well as international excursions across the border to Mexico and to southern epic surf spots. The water dwellers are awesome as we view local wildlife such as dolphins, whales, seals, turtles, fish and sea birds; the experience is endless beauty.

Our sessions include simple SUP basics to get you up and paddling. Some of the basics are paddling techniques, physical fitness, 
ocean knowledge, and safety. Stand-Up-Paddle is a low-impact form of exercise and great for recovery. We will guide you 
and your friends through nature's waterways safely and with total enjoyment in mind, body, and spirit.

For the serious SUPers—beginner to advanced—we have in-depth workshops and daily training. We train Stand-Up-Paddle as a form of physical fitness, guiding everyone to use proper technique, posture, and breathing while learning proper form. We encourage everyone to come Stand-up-paddle and keep your Spirit SUP!!.

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Good Cause of the Month

Oceana seeks to make our oceans more biodiverse and abundant by winning policy victories in the countries that govern much of the world's marine life.

Oceana, founded in 2001, is the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Our offices around the world work together to win strategic, directed campaigns that achieve measurable outcomes that will help make our oceans more bio diverse and abundant.

Oceans cover 71 percent of the globe, and they are as important to us as they are vast. Our oceans are home to most of the life on our planet and play a central role in the world's natural systems, like regulating our climate and absorbing carbon dioxide. They provide livelihoods to countless fishermen and others around the world. They also feed hundreds of millions of people and have the capacity to provide a healthy seafood meal to a billion people, every day. Unfortunately, the oceans are in trouble — scientists report that the amount of fish caught from the oceans began declining — for the first time in recorded history — just a few decades ago. Fortunately, we know how to fix things. Science-based fishery management — which establishes science-based catch limits, reduces bycatch and protects habitat — is helping the oceans rebound and recover where it is established. Oceana is dedicated to advocating for science-based fishery management and restoring the world's oceans.

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