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Trip Planning Tools and Local Knowledge

A little guidance goes a long way!  Find pros and paddles anywhere on Earth!  Plan a once in a lifetime trip.  Learn more about your local launch spots and paddle groups. Discover, plan and connect.  Find your Perfect Paddle.

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Member Deals

Up to 25% off participating locations - could be 10% off multi day excursion, $5 off your next rental, 20% off a SUP tour - more being added all the time!

Paddler Profile

Complete your paddler bio when you sign up with experience level, interests, gear preferences and share with potential paddle buddies and future paddle guides and teachers so they can help guide you on experiences that are best suited to you - First-timer, beginner +, intermediate skills - class 1 white water, surf zone 1 to 3 feet, etc. 

Let the Pro know before you arrive so you can have the best experience.

Community Calendar

Use our heat map, and category search filters to find community events like beach clean ups, races, social paddles by month and destination

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Paddle Buddy Finder

Looking for a paddle buddy with the same experience level, gear preferences, and goals? Paddling’s more fun with a friend and one who can keep up and push you to train harder can be logistically difficult to say the least. Search by location, gear preferences, skill set - make a new paddle buddy or create your own paddle group.

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