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Welcome to the Paddle Buddy Finder BETA

If you are looking for someone of a similar skill level to train, explore, or just cruise with in your town or on your next trip this is the place to find and connect! 

Members who have completed their member bios can now search in designated cities to find other paddlers, who have similar skills, experience, and interests so that more paddlers can get on the water safely. How cool is that!? If this sounds good to you please fill out our Bio on your account page and start a conversation! 

*As always, your information is only used to help paddlers find other paddlers within the Perfect Paddles Community. Community etiquette does apply. This is not a dating service. This to find paddle buddies so we can support each other while we paddle and explore.

We are super excited about bringing this feature and are currently looking for BETA testers in the following areas - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York City, Miami, Seattle (more will be added as the community grows.) please click HERE to connect with us to add your name to our beta test list. We appreciate your help and support in growing the SUP community!


Here’s how it works

Search large cities like Boston, London, Rome, New York, etc , States or Countries to find all paddlers Searches are for exact matches. To be found please include a large city, state or country or all three.

FIND paddlers in your city, read through the profiles to find skill matches, activity preferences, gear types so you can paddle with someone of a similar experience level

Connect via direct message or write on the member group feed to arrange paddle(s)

Rules and guidelines and expectations for Buddy search -  We have zero tolerance policy please treat other paddlers like you would want to be treated. The Paddle Buddy Search feature is for enabling paddlers to meet and look out for one another to grow our community and help paddlers enjoy new areas safely 


If someone does over reach please email [email protected]

Privacy is important to us too
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