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This will be your 1-Stop shop for resources to get the most out of your experience along with some additional perks
Getting the most out of Perfect Paddles

To get the most out of Perfect Paddles, we recommend you complete the following;

  • - Fill out your complete business details - Update Your Listing
  • - Assign Business categories that match what you offer and environments you serve - Update Your Listing
  • - Opt-in for a Spotlight - A great way to gain exposure to our audience - Submit Spotlight Info
  • - Offer a buddy deal - Incentivize Paddlers to find you on their upcoming trips - Offer Buddy Deal
  • - Add Events & Activities- See Below
  • - Interact with Perfect Paddles on Social Media to bring awareness to others. - Follow us
Frequently Asked Questions
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Having The Appropriate Categories Assigned To Your Business Allows Visitors To Find You More Easily!
Complete The Forms In The Adjacent Tabs We'll Update Your Listing For You.

Buddy Deals
Depending on your internal system or business, there are a few options for users to redeem their buddy deal with you. We recommend either an internal code with us or you can create one for your payment system(Mindbody, Fareharbor etc.)

Internal Voucher

We generate a coupon code for you.
User will have to download code from us to present to you.

External Voucher

You Create a Coupon Code with Your Payment System and we host it. Users can either download and present coupon to you through us or use it at checkout on your platform

Let us know which is best for you!

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