Sailing in Cuba

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“Over the last 25 years, I’ve traveled to Cuba over half-a- dozen times to every corner of the island. And I
have to say, this catamaran adventure zoomed right to the top of my list. Culture, adventure, sunset
mojitos anchored off a cayo with no one else in sight… that’s as good as Cuba gets.”
Eric Hiss, Award-winning travel writer

Shrouded in mystique for more than half-a- century, Cuba has beckoned American travelers for decades-- close, but so far away due to politics. Even for travelers from other countries, Cuba presented problems due to a lack of reliable information and access to top quality guides and operators. Well that’s all changed. You can now officially check Cuba off your bucket list in a way you probably never dreamed possible: island-hopping between the pristine coral cayos (cays) known as the Canarreos Archipelago on the first and only fully legal catamaran trip offered in Cuba.

Whether you’re an avid traveler and adventurer or just getting your feet wet, this is the trip you will be talking about for years to come. You’ll be one of the very few who can say you explored these islands that Cuba expert and guide book author Christopher Baker described as “Sprinkled like diamonds across a sapphire sea” and called “a yachting and diving paradise.” You’ll just call it your next great adventure as you sail, paddle, snorkel and star-gaze experiencing the type of Caribbean paradise many thought had disappeared under the waves of mass tourism. Here, you can forget about crowds and tour buses-- most of the islands we explore are only accessible by boat, and few make it to this remote corner of Cuba.

Besides the experienced two-man crew and 6 to 8 fellow adventurers on our sleek, European-designed catamaran, your companions will be the egrets, herons, gulls and osprey soaring above the waves and mangrove forests. Exploring the cayos, you’ll spot land iguanas and the only monkeys in Cuba! And the transparent turquoise sea here reveals treasures like colorful tropicals flitting over the healthiest reef system in the entire Caribbean and even a wreck you won’t want to miss. Each day, we’ll navigate different routes based on your interests whether
that’s SUP, sea kayaking, snorkeling or making the only footprints on chalk white sand.

The only thing left is for you to dive in and start adventuring.

You will not miss Havana! Our Cuba yacht tour spends most of its time at the cayos but begins in Havana where you will enjoy walking tours of the city, a classic car ride, visit famous museums and spend some time with highly-respected marine biologists who share their knowledge about the reefs and islands we’ll be visiting. From Havana we head southeast to the “Pearl of the South,” Cienfuegos, and board our private catamaran limited to just six-eight passengers per departure.  At the end of our Cuba sailing tour, we return to Cienfuegos where direct flights return you to the USA.

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