SUP Gear Review: Duk Gear Waterproof Cell Phone Case

In Spotlight by Daniel


There are plenty of waterproof cases available on the outdoor market these days. 

We’ve all seen them. Maybe on the boardwalk, you’ve noticed the thin plastic bags with the zip lock on top. Or in other paddling outfitters, a similar product that has the name of the shop printed in the corner. 

These products may work. For a time. Or they may also leak like the Titanic after hitting that iceberg (too soon?).

Or just maybe, you’re one of those people that live on the edge. You enjoy the thrill. The challenge. You want to see how wild you can get without destroying your expensive cell phone by giving it a long dunk in the ocean, bay, or river. 

We understand. There has to be a way to spice things up a little. 

But please, don’t be like Rose sitting atop your floating door (which had plenty of room), stretching your arm out wistfully towards Jack as he sinks deep into the icy North Atlantic. 

Which, in this case, you’d be Rose and your phone would be Jack (we’re trying to see how many Titanic references we can squeeze into this review). 

Let’s avoid all that with Duk Gear’s waterproof cell phone cases...

The best waterproof cases on the market. 

Why? They’re guaranteed to be 100% waterproof and they float! That means if you do happen to take a spill, your phone is safe and you’ll be able to quickly recover it as it floats on top of the water. 

But with such power, comes some consequences. If you do purchase one...

James Cameron won’t be able to send a small submarine down to videotape the recovery of your phone (we’re stretching this Titanic thing a little too thin). 

And with every purchase, you’ll be supporting a great cause! 

Duk Gear is a proud member of 1% for the Planet- a fantastic organization co-founded by the owner of Patagonia that runs and oversees projects around the world designed to protect and enhance the environment.

Naturally, we give Duk Gear’s products a full endorsement! Sign up on Perfect Paddles to gain access to exclusive discounts on Duk Gear’s products and other vendors around the world! 

(And we sure hope you’ve seen the movie Titanic or this review is going to sound strange!)