SUP Gear Review: Surfco Hawaii Rail-Tape

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Surfco Hawaii has some of the best accessories available in the SUP market.

They offer paddlers the chance to acquire high-quality aftermarket fins, ding repair kits, handles, deck-rigging kits, and what we are reviewing today...rail tape.

Have you ever seen a used paddleboard? Or do you own one?

Are the rails chipped away, torn up, and scarred? Most likely...they are.

Have you ever let your kid paddle your prized possession? And while sitting on the beach, you seem them smashing the sides with the paddle instead of using it to push your board forward like they're supposed to?

Yeah. We've been there too.

Well, there is a way to avoid all the pain and suffering involved in the quick decline of your expensive board. Rail-tape!

This completely see-through tape is almost invisible on the board. It's easy to install, thick enough to protect against banging paddles and dock bumps, and can be easily replaced if need be.

Reduce the damage to your board rails by adding this protective tape and paddle worry free! Even when your kids are out there, banging it up.


The Team at Perfect Paddles gives Surfco Hawaii's rail tape 5 stars!

This tape is a modest investment for a major return. It will save the rails of your board from inevitable damage and we recommend a purchase before you head out onto your next adventure.

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