These Two SUP Activities Should Be On Your 2021 New Years Resolution

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SUP-related New Years Resolutions?
Each year we tend to make plans to try and become a better version of ourselves. A worthy endeavor.
This can include getting more exercise, eating healthier, making strides in business, and more!
But what the team at Perfect Paddles is curious about is...
Do you have a SUP-centric New Years Resolution you're looking to fulfill this year?
If so...
We have an immense database to get you connected with the paddling professionals to make it happen! Just check out our Location/Activities guide and start your search today!
If you don't have a SUP resolution for 2021 may we suggest...
  • SUP Surfing
  • SUP Yoga
SUP Surfing
What is it?: Unlike traditional surfing, on a SUP you use a fixed standing position and your paddle to push yourself into waves and surf!
Is it difficult?: Yes, it is! But that's okay. Things that tend to come easy aren't usually worthwhile. TO understand the dynamics of SUP Surfing we highly suggest contacting a local outfitter in your town or possibly one overseas for your winter getaway! You can start your search here.
Is it fun?: Definitely! Especially once you get the hang of it and can surf on your own or with a group of friends. Just remember- the more time spent in the water, the better you will become.
Some quick tips to get started:
  • Manage your expectations. SUP surfing takes practice and commitment. The more time you're in the water, the faster you'll learn
  • Practice reading the water while you're out there- which way is the wave breaking, where the are peaks, what is the bottom (sand, rock, reef).
  • Develop cardio- paddling in and out of waves is a sprint!
  • Sharpen your strength and paddle technique on flatwater.
  • Know your limits. The school of hard knocks can hurt! If you don't feel comfortable, don't go!
  • Paddle fast- in order to catch a wave sometimes you have to be able to paddle quickly
  • Paddle straight- to improve your chances of catching a wave, learn how to paddle straight
  • Bodysurf! Practice in waves and relax before you try on a SUP. Learning how to remain calm in the waves is critical to your success and safety.
  • Start with an ISUP (one meant for surfing) they're more forgiving while you learn the ropes and proper etiquette- if you fall on them you won't hurt yourself, anyone else, or the board!
Check out this video that illustrates a few of these points...
SUP Surfing 101
Not your style?
How about a try at...
SUP Yoga
What is it?: The combination of yogic stretches and movement with the floating surface of a paddleboard on the water!
Is it difficult?: Unlike that of SUP Surfing, the time it takes to master SUP Yoga is significantly less. This is certainly the case if you are an experienced yogi or have taken a few yoga classes in a studio. Any familiarity with yoga will help lessen the learning curve of the extra challenge posed by balancing on a board. The key here is to get a big enough board to easily float you and one that provides a large enough surface to practice.
Is it fun?: Definitely! While almost every activity on a SUP is fun, what makes SUP yoga special is the feeling of relaxation and vibrancy after each class. Your body will thank you after each session!
Some quick tips to get started:
  • Practice yoga on land first! Any familiarity with the poses will prove useful to performing them on a moving surface
  • Grab an indo board! This balance practicing board will help with maintaining your balance during SUP yoga and even your paddling!
  • Start slow! Do what you can while you can and build on it.
Check out this short video of what to expect in a SUP yoga class!
Intro to a SUP Yoga Class
Of course, in either activity, the best way to get started is to find a qualified instructor!
If you are looking to give either of these activities a try, head to our Locations/Activities page today and search for a participating outfitter or paddling professional near you!
As a bonus become a member and save money on your visits with our exclusive Buddy Deals! You will see participating shops/outfitters clearly marked on the list.
Let's make 2021 the year of SUP!
Motivation: Check out Robby Naish surf one of the longest waves in the world- Pavones, Costa Rica!
Surfing the Distance - Robby Naish Surfs Pavones, Costa Rica